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It's time to make REAL changes to your fertility, hormones and body!

I know most conversations about your fertility have been doom and gloom.  But I’m here to tell you that, it is entirely possible to improve your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby, even if you have PCOS or failed rounds of IVF. 

Even if you know, or have been told, you need to reduce your BMI.

My clients, and their babies are living proof of this.

And it starts with controlling what you can control – your diet, lifestyle and hormones.

And over 8 amazing weeks, I want to show you how you can do this!

Here's what you will learn...


Want to know which supplements that I recommend for my paying clients and why? Without any brand associations - just honest info on what you do and don't need.


How to eat and drink for egg quality. It's definately not as simple as calories in vs calories out. It's all about what you eat, what you pair it with and at what time. Learn my secrets!


Your hormones play a huge role in your fertility journey. Learn my top tops on how to get your hormones working with your body, not against it. Not to be missed.


Bringing it all together. How do we incorporate all of these changes in a sustainable way and make them stick? No, you don't need to go to the gym every day, far from it.

Hi, I'm Claire

I help burned out action takers conceive and carry healthy babies using the things they can control – Food, hormones, lifestyle.

No bullshit, just science.

  • I find out what’s really going on and work with you to make improvements throughout your life.
  • A qualified nutritionist (PN) – I love helping women use food and lifestyle changes to make tangible changes to their chances of conceiving. I do not believe in crash diets, over restriction or mystery herbs/juices.  Science backed, sustainable results are my bag.
  • I have proudly worked with over 300 women across the world on a one to one basis.
  • Specialising in IVF prep, diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) and IVF prep, most of my clients are in their 40s and ready to grasp their fertility with both hands.
  • Nutrition, movement, hormones, stress, environment all have a role to play in egg quality and your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. I help you nail them all.

What my clients are saying...