Hi, Iā€™m Claire

I help burned-out action takers conceive and carry healthy babies using the things they can control. Food, hormones, lifestyle. No Bullshit. Just science.

Have you been trying to conceive for over six months and becoming lost in the process? Perhaps your medical team have told you to change your body weight to improve your fertility. Or maybe IVF or IUI looms in the distance and you want to give yourself the absolute best chance possible for it to stick? Do you have PCOS and feel mystified by your hormones?

Maybe you have already had failed cycles, feel like you have tried everything and are starting to wonder how much more you can cope with. And I’m not surprised. Research has shown that women with infertility have the same anxiety and depression levels as women with cancer, heart disease and HIV.

Most, but not all of my clients are in their 40s. They are tired of references to biological clocks and being dismissed by their doctor or medical team. They are ready to make very real changes to improve egg quality and their chances of conceiving.

What’s involved in fertility coaching?

  • I find out what’s really going on and work with you to make improvements throughout your life.
  • A qualified nutritionist (PN) – I love helping women use food and lifestyle changes to make tangible changes to their chances of conceiving. I do not believe in crash diets, over restriction or mystery herbs/juices. Science backed, sustainable results are my bag.
  • I have proudly worked with over 200 women across the world on a one to one basis within the age rance of 35-48.
  • Specialising in IVF prep, diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) and IVF prep, most of my clients are in their 40s and ready to grasp their fertility with both hands.
  • Nutrition, movement, hormones, stress, environment all have a role to play in egg quality and your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. I help you nail them all.

What makes me tick

Drag, powerlifting, clubbing in Ibiza (or my kitchen), skincare, makeup and thrifting vintage clothes are my favourite ways to unwind. You may have gathered I have an obsession with health and food too – I love to work hard and party hard!

I founded The Fertility Mentor after working with an amazing client who believed she was menopausal and had given up hope of becoming a mum became pregnant through my coaching. This inspires me to this day and I take real pride and pleasure in helping women achieve their dreams of becoming a mum.

Life and loves

I love in Central Scotland with my husband and two young kiddos. We love being outdoors; camping in our huge VW, paddleboarding, hiking and generally getting muddy.

When child-free, Chris and I love dinner dates and pub quizzes.

Charley and Jude, my breathtaking kids, make their dad and I belly laugh every day and inspire us to work hard to give them the wonderful life they deserve.

I dream of moving to a sunnier climate on day and hope to make it happen soon.

My overarching belief

Is that chronic stress and self doubt are bad news for fertility. They affect your food and alcohol choices, the stories you tell yourself , your libido and of course your hormones.

My services are the solution to this. Why not outsource all of this stress and decision making to someone who has time to talk to you on a regular basis and will treat you like an individual?

Who will be a shoulder to lean on when you are feeling down, but perhaps most importantly will hold you accountable to the changes you want to make. For you.

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