Ready to stick two fingers up to “It’s down to your (Age/weight/insert another BS brush off)? 


That’s the problem with traditional approaches to fertility… And then to make it worse, they leave you feeling alone and frustrated. 

One day you wake up, and this is your reality. You avoid looking in the mirror because you don’t like what you see. Appointments, referrals, prods, pokes and knowing glances are the norm, and you don’t recognise who you have become. You find yourself scrolling and googling symptoms in the night, despite having read every book and post out there. You are so used to saying you are ‘fine’ and faking a smile, sometimes you don’t even have to think about it. 

The arrival of every period makes you like your body a little less. But you know the drill – time to carry on like nothing is wrong. Hearing the words BMI, AMH, unexplained or estrogen give you PTSD.

You don’t want sympathy. You want solutions. You are, frankly, so f&cking over it.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Are you constantly questioning your choices and worrying about your health and egg quality? Or perhaps your weight or age?

  • Do you feel out of control, isolated, and frustrated? Snapping at your loved ones and unable to concentrate on normal, everyday tasks? 

  • Do you stare at the fridge 33 times per day before resorting to toast, coffee, shakes – just more of the same? Food is just another enemy these days.

  • Do you remember your younger, carefree, giggly self as someone else?

Honestly, I didn’t realise how bad things had gotten until I started talking to her. I had been steadily deteriorating over 18 months without noticing. I was consumed with my own unhappiness, overeating, having a nightly pity party for myself that just led to more self-loathingClaire helped me see that I didn’t have to just accept it and keep plowing on. Claire helped me become a mum but before that she helped me find my old self

Jen D, TFM Graduate

For some people, getting pregnant is the hardest experience of their lives. It’s big, and complex, and sometimes messy and hard. But it shouldn’t be that way. I’m here to support you in making real and sustainable change to support your best and healthiest self, as a media-featured nutritionist who has helped 300+ women… just like you.

If you are done with guessing, hoping, scrolling and heartache, stay right here.

The time is now, introducing F&cking Fertile. A 12 week nutrition and lifestyle intensive for hard-working women who are ready become their best and healthiest selves on their journey to conceive. A journey like no other, for action takers ready to own their journey. For women who know that for things to change, something needs to change.

If you are ready to choose:

⭐️ Consistency over mania

⭐️ Education over instruction

⭐️ Nourishment over hunger

⭐️ Calm over stress

⭐️ Knowing over hoping

⭐️ Self respect over guilt

⭐️ Being sure over guessing

⭐️ Strong, healthy and happy over misery

It’s time to step this up a notch and get F&cking Fertile. 


An intensive one-to-one 12-week mentoring journey for action-taking women like you, to improve your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby on your terms. 

You will wake up every day just knowing you are taking the right steps. 

You enjoy every morsel of your delicious breakfast and hot coffee – no guilt, no pond water in sight. You know you are nourishing your body and eggs. No guesswork, no racing heart every time a friend announces their pregnancy. You can be happy for them, knowing your day will be soon.

Reconnecting with your body and your sex life. Giving your booty a little shake as you walk past the mirror, feeling more connected to your partner than ever and ready to jump into bed with them any day – no graphs or charts or temperature checks needed. 

Strong. Happy. Confident. In control. 

We do this by optimising your chances of conceiving from all angles, by using The Four Pillars of Fertility


Exquisite Egg Quality

Optimising egg quality. You can’t make more but you can certainly upgrade the ones in there already – improving chances of conception and minimising risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Egg quality is the secret ingredient to improving your chances of conceiving and we are going to tackle this from every possible angle.


Baby on Board Body

We’ll take a 360° whole person approach to your fertility, deep diving into nutrition and eating habits with strategies to help you develop a strong fertility nutrition plan to help you improve your chances of conceiving.

You’ll walk away with an eating plan that ensures you’re doubling down on essential nutrients, protecting yourself and your eggs from harm and discovering a long-term and sustainable diet. Yes, this will include increasing or reducing your BMI if need be – even if you’ve tried everything – but fertility nutrition is so much more than this. 

Then, we layer with bespoke prenatal workouts designed just for you.

It’s like having a nutritionist and a personal trainer in your back pocket for 3 months.


Hormones in homeostasis

Beautiful, fertile eggs, a killer body and perfect nutrition can’t help you if your hormones are still out of kilter.

We spend time understanding your life so that we can balance and regulate those hormones. Putting you in a lovely state of homeostasis – your body and hormones are balanced and in a state of trust. That might sound a little whackadoodle, but trust me, it’s not.



We work on a killer mindset and embedding healthy habits so that you JUST DO THEM every day, you don’t need to rely on willpower. We look at your patterns and behaviours up until now. The best way to change your behaviours is studying them after all. You identify as a person who is in charge of her health. Who knows what’s important. Who doesn’t allow herself to get stressed or distracted. Who enjoys her life, her food, her sex life. You don’t need to try, you just do. 

What do you actually get with this programme?

  • Weekly, (NOT fortnightly or monthly) one to one fertility accelerator calls (no group calls that can get hijacked – your time is all about you. No distractions when someone else announces their pregnancy. No muddying the water – it’s about you – not anyone else) for 13 weeks (value £1300).
  • Weekly modules and accountability habits to optimise your lifestyle and chances of conceiving, alongside accountability from me to make sure you do it or explore why you didn’t – no more ‘I know what to do, but I don’t know how to make myself do it’ (value £2600).
  • Personalised nutrition and body review – I’ll review your food diary, body stats, making changes as needed, but crucially, I’ll discuss this with you in real time so that we find the right solution that you can actually implement. What good is it to read feedback hours later that you need to make a change if the damage is already done? Real time makes all the difference. (value £1300)
  • Bespoke workouts and movement plan including prenatal workouts – as an ex prenatal personal trainer I know exactly how to get your body into shape. Whether you want to get strong, need to see the scales move, need to strengthen your back etc, I’ll design you a bespoke programme, with full demos that you can refer back to in real time. Recovering from an injury? Not a problem (value £300).
  • Daily specific reminders on what you need to do and how to do it. (value £360)
  • Access to me daily on messenger or voxer, for any ‘in between’ queries – We strategise on our calls…. but we all know that it’s the in between times when the shit hits the fan. When this happens for you – I’m there. In those moments when you have an absolute shitty day. When you’ve been up crying all night and wake up feeling utterly exhausted and feel like you’re about to crumble… when everyone is annoying you and you don’t know why…when the baby shower invitations arrive. When you’re making your meal plan, draw an absolute blank PS – it’s 100% me, not a bot, not a VA, not AI. It’s me, Hi!! (value…priceless)

3 payments of £600 or 1 payment of £1,470

Plus gain access to these exclusive bonuses worth £2,000!

  • Mental Health for Fertility course – helping you move on from previous losses, manage anxiety, build resilience and thrive. Respectfully leaving the past in the past and having tried and trusted techniques and strategies to call on as needed (value £1000). Delivered by our mental health expert Helen Maxwell
  • Fertility Yoga delivered by award winning yoga instructor Sharon Stock – encouraging peace, tranquility and blood flow to the uterus. (value £200)
  • The Fertility Mentor’s meal planning template and training – helping you to plan your meals and shopping trips whilst eliminating food waste (value £200)
  • Our vault of fertility friendly recipes and meals (value £500)
  • Fertility meditations to aid sleep and wellness and bring you calm in your pocket (Value £100)

F&cking Fertile is not a small undertaking. It will require time, effort and a willingness to try new things to get different results. We work together for three months minimum, just you and I, no groups, or distractions or triggers. We talk one to one weekly and as needed in between. You will hear from me digitally every single day.

You deserve a scientifically backed approach to fertility and the support you need to overcome your challenges. Take the first step toward conceiving your baby and reclaim control of your fertility journey.

Nobody is more qualified to hold your hand on your fertility journey. Over the last eight years I have personally:

  • Completed enhanced nutrition qualifications (Precision Nutrition)
  • Qualified and practiced pre and postnatal personal training
  • Coached over 300 women (fertility or menopause) via zoom on a 121 basis, kicked most of their metaphorical asses and digitally wiped their tears

You don’t need another mum to give you a hug, partner to buy you wine or friend to tell you it’s all going to be alright. You need someone who is as invested in your fertility goals as you are and will push you hard to get there.

How it works

  • Select Apply now to book a complimentary consultation with me. Here we will discuss your journey so far and eligibility for F&cking Fertile. If I truly think I can help you, we will book your planning call for the following week. If I don’t believe I can help you – I tell you so and wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.
  • We spend time understanding your current habits, lifestyle, goals and struggles before setting you up with your first set of pre-implementation tasks. 
  • Over the next 13 weeks, we improve your egg quality, health, BMI and mindset together. You feel relaxed, proud, in control and ready. 

You will receive:

  • High touch weekly one-to-one accelerator calls – just you and me deep diving into your personal fertility plan (valued at £1300)
  • Access to me daily via voxer or messenger for those “in between” or “oh sh!t I’m so over this” moments – as well as the “I’m so proud of myself” moments – not with a team member, it’s just you and me, remember? (valued – priceless) 
  • Weekly modules, education packs and implementation plans specifically for you – you know the plan and I help you implement (value £2600).
  • Food diary and body stats weekly review alongside access to our app to store and easily compare changes over time. (value £1300)
  • Bespoke prenatal workouts and movement plan to get your body in great shape (value £300).
  • Daily reminders and habit tracking. (value £360)

Plus all of this bonus material

  • Mental Health for Fertility course (value £1000)
  • Fertility Yoga delivered by award winning yoga instructor Sharon Stock (value £200)
  • The Fertility Mentor’s meal planning template and training – (value £200)
  • Fertility meditations (Value £100)
  • Our vault of fertility friendly recipes and meals (value £500)

Total value of over £7,800 

3 payments of £600 or 1 payment of £1,470

My clients are used to figuring things out for themselves. Fixing problems and generally taking care of business. Type A personalities who work hard and play hard. They are not afraid to put the work in and don’t shy away from a challenge. They set goals and tend to achieve them and get the reward they had in mind. But here’s the thing, they aren’t practiced at what to do when it doesn’t work out the way they expected. So their instinct is to work harder, push the hamster wheel faster, which in a fertility context, creates more problems than solutions. 

For action taking women who are used to getting what they want deserve, asking for help isn’t easy. And actually taking it? That requires a pros and cons list and a venn diagram. Correction, that REQUIRED a pros and cons list and a venn diagram, but not anymore. Now you have found someone who can and will talk your language. Who will give you the direct tools you need to improve your chances of conceiving, and who will even call you on your BS when needed too. Call me your no bullshit fairy godmother! 

I know you’ve got some questions. Perhaps these will help. 
Can egg quality really make a difference? 

Egg quality has been scientifically proven to a) improve chances of conception and b) minimise the right of chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormalities are the reason for most miscarriages. You can’t make any more eggs, but you can definitely improve the ones you have. It takes roughly 90 days from new follicle to mature egg, and that’s why all of my programmes last for 90 days minimum. 

Can this sort of programme really improve my fertility? 

Your food choices and lifestyle are hugely relevant to egg quality. As are the chemicals you digest and are exposed to on a daily basis. Although not enough research is out there, the most comprehensive one conducted by Alice Domar confirmed success rates in 52% of patients undergoing their second round of IVF in those who completed a mind-body programme, vs only 20% in those who did. Essentially in this test group, their chances more than doubled. 

Will I be on coaching calls with other women? 

Just one other woman – me. This is not a group programme at all, it is 100% bespoke and it needs to be that way. The calls and programme are about you, not Sandra in HR or Kimmi from uni. Just you. 

Why don’t you offer individual sessions or meal plans? 

Because I really do care and really want to help you change. And that won’t happen in 60 minutes, or a week, or a month. Real change takes time and I’m here to help you with the long game, not the quick fixes. We will work together through the highs and the lows. If you are seeking a quick fix, this isn’t the programme for you.

I’m having IVF/ICSI – is there any point in my working with you? 

Absolutely. My IVF prep course was created to give women like you the best chance possible on their IVF cycle. IVF is pretty rough, and the chances aren’t always great. So why wouldn’t you double down on your chances, by making sure the eggs you collect are as healthy as possible, and that your hormones are balanced and ready to receive them. And that your body is strong, lean and up to carrying them full term?

Do you provide meal plans? 

I have on occasion provided meal plans, but find these only work for around two weeks. I prefer to educate my clients on what to eat, when and with what. So that they can adapt as needed and will always have the skills needed to eat healthily and optimally. This is the difference between buying an ‘off the shelf’ fertility meal plan (which you can google, btw), and learning what your body needs and knowing how to deliver it. Removing confusion, guilt, overwhelm etc. 

Do you guarantee pregnancy as an outcome?

Absolutely not. I can’t. Anyone who says they can should not be trusted.

Are you medically qualified?

I am a nutritionist – not a doctor or nurse (this means, I don’t prescribe medications or surgeries – I’m all for optimising your long term health naturally, not providing band-aid solutions for symptoms. Frankly, it also means I have time dedicated to you, and can provide you with a high touch, personalised level of service). I am qualified through Precision Nutrition and have worked with over 300 women on a one to one basis. I have worked in women’s health for eight years. I am not medically qualified, I work alongside your medical team. 

Will you help me lose/gain weight?

Yes, absolutely. This is one of my superpowers. If you follow my advice and actions, your BMI will go up or down depending on your individual goals. Moreover – this will be done whilst eating for egg quality. Typical ‘diets’ are restrictive and look only to bring down your weight, however a fertility diet supports egg development and hormone balance. I also help you address why other programmes, or ‘diets; haven’t worked so far and why my coaching is the right option for you. Are you head&cked around restriction? Are you of the ‘nothing tastes better than skinny feels’ generation, did you go to weight watchers with your mum when you were a little girl? You’d be shocked how much mental weight we carry around about food for most of our lives. 

My BMI is fine – can you still help me? 

Yes of course. I can help you improve your egg quality, physical fitness/wellness and mindset. I can also help you eat in a way that is optimal for fertility, which is not to be confused with simply gaining or losing weight. 

Do you prescribe supplements? 

I prefer to make specific suggestions based on each individual client’s circumstances and help them find the most cost effective version based on what country they live in. I am not a fan of blanket, generic, expensive lists of supplements. I am not associated with any brands of supplements or similar. So that means…. you get unbiased opinions, and someone who is focused on supporting you nutritionally, over just spending oodles of money on supplements (that you might not need anyway)

Sounds intense. I have a job/hobbies/life. How much time will I need?

This programme is designed for time-poor people. In reality, you can find out so much information on youtube and instagram – some valid and some BS. This programme is your shortcut through the BS and gives you the accountability to actually do it and stop procrastinating. But to answer your question – you’ll need minimum 30 minutes per week minimum for our calls together, plus time to read and complete your tasks. However we sprinkle in lots of time saving hacks and don’t forget the ‘doom scrolling’ time you will get back when you have access to a one stop shop. 


I’ve found the whole program amazing! It has helped me get out of the rut I was in; stressed out about TTC, burnt out from work and feeling like I had lost myself. Now I feel more positive about my life and though there are still things to work on (making time to meditate and dealing with work stresses) I feel like I’ve started the journey to improve on these and cross fingers unlock the final piece of getting my body and mind in the best place possible to conceive! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! ❤️❤️❤️

Andrea, UK

I have loved working with Clara. I love her no nonsense approach, and the programme really guides you through everything in a really structured and supportive way. Full of science backed information, I found The Fertility Mentor’s programme invaluable to have someone able to explain the best ways to tweak my nutrition to support my fertility journey. It’s been a mindset shift for me and easier to implement with the detailed support and accountability from Claire

Anna, Scotland

I bought the books but only read the first few chapters. I made changes one day and they lasted until the next time I went shopping. I was so tightly-wound I couldn’t sleep or concentrate on anything. I didn’t realise it at the time but I had gotten used to blaming myself for everything and really didn’t like myself. Claire helped me overcome all of that. She got me eating properly again, enjoying breakfast for the first time in years. She also helped me have some difficult conversations with my partner, which I’m so grateful for now as we are both in a better place. I write this six months pregnant and so glad that I took the leap and worked with Claire

Aisha, USA

I am a proud one-woman band and therefore cap my client numbers very carefully to ensure everyone gets the time and service they deserve. Apply now to secure your spot. 

Remember, your fertility journey is unique, and you deserve the support and guidance to overcome your challenges.