Subject: 🌟 Taking a Break to Refresh, Recharge, and Reignite

Hey, Warrior! I am thrilled to share that I will be unwinding on a well-deserved break for the next two weeks to cherish moments with my favourite humans. In the midst of your fertility journey, it’s crucial to prioritise self-care, taking time off to nurture your well-being. Kindness towards oneself is a powerful tool on this path, embracing the rest we deserve.

During my holiday, although socials will run, calls and lives are on pause until my return on 10 April. For those eager to connect after my break, feel free to head to my booking link to secure your discovery call. Stay fabulous and take care of you!

The Importance of Rest in Our Fertility Journey

Rest is not just sleep; it’s a vital component of a fertility journey. Our bodies are incredible machines, but they can’t run on empty. Just as we need nutrients to nourish our bodies, we also need down time to allow our systems to recuperate. Stress plays a notorious role in fertility challenges. It can throw hormones off balance and make the road to conception bumpier. By stepping back and giving ourselves permission to relax, we help to reset our stress levels. This, in turn, can help create a more favourable environment for conception. It’s about giving yourself grace during a time that demands so much emotionally and physically. So, as I take this break, I encourage you to find moments for rest in your life. Your fertility journey isn’t a race; it’s a marathon, and every runner knows the importance of a good rest.

Stay Tuned on Social Media Channels

Social media channels won’t be going into hibernation. They’ll remain active, serving as a hub for inspiration, tips, and stories that resonate with your fertility journey. You’ll continue to see posts that educate, empower, and encourage you to keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough. These platforms are designed to be a space for support, a place to remind you that you’re not alone in this. Expect to see regular updates that will keep you informed, motivated, and connected to the community we’ve built together. While I may not be available to respond to messages in real-time, I encourage you to engage with the content, share your thoughts, and support each other. So, make sure you’re following, liking, and joining the conversation – your voice matters in this community.

In case you aren’t already following all of our channels – here’s a quick recap on where to find all of my content and advice:


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I would absolutely love to see you there!

Temporary Pause on Calls and Lives

I want to ensure that when we talk, you’re getting the absolute best of me – fully focused, fully present. To make that possible, I’m putting calls and live sessions on hold while I’m away. This isn’t a goodbye; it’s a short intermission for the sake of long-term gains. Rest assured, the moment I’m back, we’ll resume our sessions with the same passion and dedication as always. In the meantime, I trust that you’ll continue to find value in the resources available to you, and remember, the pause is only temporary

If you know you need more…

Even though I’m stepping away for a moment, your journey towards fertility shouldn’t stall. That’s why my booking calendar remains open, ready for you to schedule a discovery call for when I return. Taking this next step is simpleβ€”you can secure a slot that suits you directly through the booking link. This is more than just a call; it’s an opportunity for you to discuss your challenges, goals, and get a personalized plan that fits your unique journey. It’s a space where you can ask questions, seek advice, and most importantly, feel heard. Booking now means you’ll have something solid to look forward to, and I’ll have the pleasure of knowing there are many inspiring conversations waiting for me. So, if you’re ready to take control and move forward, book your discovery call today.

Looking Forward to Reconnecting: 10th April Onwards

Mark your calendars for the 10th of April, because that’s when our paths will cross again. I’m genuinely looking forward to diving back into our conversations, catching up on your progress, and continuing to support you on your fertility journey.

In the meantime, keep moving forward and remember that every step you take is a step towards your goal. Keep your spirits high and your focus clear, and before you know it, we’ll be reconnecting and taking the next steps together. So, here’s to a fruitful break and an even more fruitful reunion. See you on the 10th!