Looking after future you…Now

11 May 2023

Well hello there and happy Friday to you and yours !

My family and I headed to the Lake District last weekend and enjoyed some surprising sunshine, gorgeous walks and lots of laughs in between. During our last evening together, our campsite neighbor came to say goodbye, explaining that the weather forecast was predicting heavy rain showers from the middle of the night, right into the following day, so they had made the decision to pack up early and leave.

Mr Innes and I had already enjoyed a few beverages by this point, so driving home early was not an option for us, plus we had promised the kids we were staying an extra night. But the thought of taking down our enormous awning in the rain (see pic!) didn’t sound like much fun at all.

So we put our beers down, and packed the awning away right there and then. It took about 40 minutes and meant that we didn’t have it playing on our minds all evening, and the next morning we woke up in our camper feeling happy, dry, and smug that we didn’t have to go out and get soaking wet.

This made me think about the future friend theory that I speak to my clients about very regularly. It’s true that when dealing with infertility, nobody really truly understands your exact feelings or scenario. You are the only one who has access to that. 

But what if you could start looking after your tomorrow self now? Or your next year self tomorrow?

I’m not talking about time warps, I’m talking about investing now to make it easier tomorrow. Just simple things like leaving your supplements next to the kettle before you go to bed, planning a few meals ahead before you go shopping. These small habits really do add up. And it means you can replace that feeling of overwhelm, fear, cant-be-arsedness with a feeling of pride and happy smugness. Does that make sense?

Wishing you an awesome weekend and please do reply to this email or join my many communities for more banter, fertility chat and tips.

All my best

Claire xx

PS – Always here if you need me.